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Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics) in Para Hills

smiling older womanRoot canal therapy is an essential treatment required to save teeth in which the nerve (pulp) has been compromised. This can happen in a number of ways including:

  • Deep restorations under heavy load
  • Deep decay close or into the nerve
  • Cracks or fractures running though the nerve
  • Trauma
  • Bruxism (tooth grinding)
  • Advance gum disease

Once a tooth’s pulp has been compromised, it tends to become inflamed and can be quite painful, sometimes radiating pain along the lower jaw, up towards the ear and can even cause sinus pain and headache like symptoms. In these cases of irreversible pulpal inflammation (pulpitis), the tooth can still be saved!

Root Canal in Para Hills

What root canal aims to achieve is a release of this pressure and complete removal of the nerve tissue resulting in almost immediate pain relief. The root canals are then filed, cleaned and filled. There are a number of stages to root canal therapy:

  • Removal of the unhealthy nerve – This can usually be carried out on first presentation of the tooth ache to allow immediate relief of pain. Once the tooth is adequately numbed, the pulp chamber is accessed and cleaned and a medication paste placed inside the tooth. The paste acts quickly to relieve the inflammation, settle the nerve and reduce the bacteria level. The access is then temporarily filled and, by the time the anaesthetic wears off, the tooth should have improved tremendously.
  • Cleaning and preparing the root canal system – The most important part of root canal therapy is elimination of abscess-causing bacteria from the root canal system. This is achieved by taking time to ensure the system is adequately filed and irrigated with anti-bacterial solution. An anti-bacterial medication is then placed into the root canal system and the tooth temporarily filled. The final appoint is then scheduled 3-4 weeks later to allow that medication to disinfect the canals thoroughly.
  • Filling the root canal system – The temporary filling is removed and the remaining medication cleaned from the canals. The canals are again then irrigated copiously with anti-bacterial solution and the canals filled with sealer and biologically safe and bacteria free fillers to ensure good filling and complete closure to further bacterial invasion. The tooth is then sealed with a resin or porcelain restoration of your choice.

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