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Dentures in Para Hills

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Today’s dentures are comfortable and natural looking. No one will even be able to tell that they’re not your “real” teeth!

Dentures are an effective, economical way of replacing lost teeth to restore function and a good-looking smile. When a denture is made, you have a choice of the material used to base the denture as well as the shade and shape of the teeth used to match your smile perfectly. Our Para Hills dentists will be sure to give you the best recommendations for your smile, and we’re proud to offer the following

  • Acrylic dentures – Can be full or partial, replacing only a few missing teeth or a mouth full of missing teeth. They are versatile in that they can be modified at any time, for instance adding teeth that need replacing.
  • Chrome dentures – cobalt dentures are slightly more limited in post-fabrication alteration but makes up for it in comfort and size. Due to the strong basing material, chrome dentures can afford to be quite thin with only a very small amount covering the palate. These can only be used in partial denture cases.
  • Valplast Flexible resin dentures – New to the world of dentures, these Valplast flexible resin partial dentures can replace teeth and hold in place without the use of metal clasps.

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All of our dentists are fully trained in all types of dentures and are happy to run through all viable options to provide you with the best possible outcomes in terms of comfort, appearance and affordability. All of our dentures are made at our high quality independent on-site lab so turn around between stages is quick so that you can have your new dentures before you know it.

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